Me on M Hill

High above Rapid City on a grassy hillside there is a giant "M", surrounded by an "S" and a "D". Scattered among the whitewashed concrete that makes up these alphabet samples are thick bronze plaques with the names of everyone who has graduated from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology since at least the early 1920s. Every five years, during the all-school reunion, hordes of Tech graduates make the steep climb up M Hill to find their names, drink free beer, and attend the setting of yet another reunion plaque in the grass adjacent to the letters.

In this fine shot I look deceptively young (must be the altitude), sitting squarely atop my name amongst the names of the myriad and motley classmates who graduated with me in 1985. The most recent plaques fill the right hand part of the "D" which sits to the right of the much larger "M". People get lost up there all the time.

Dan Mulally is shown discovering that his name appears twice, in consecutive years, despite swearing that he only remembers graduating once.

This was my previous Website Identity Photo of me on Mt. Royal.

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