Eric Jacobsen's Demented Poetry Page

If you're a little tilted and like bad poetry, you may be in the right place. An occassional pastime of mine is writing poetry. Once in a while I'm struck by some tangient inspiration (or maybe it's just going by and I get in the way), and out comes a poem or two. Other than that they seem to pop out, ready or not, with enough regularity that I at least know where I last left my poetry journal.

I make, however, absolutely no claims as to the quality of these creations. One managed to win an award, although it cost me six dollars to get in the award ceremony where I picked up my ten-dollar prize check. A couple of others have been published here or there, and a few have gotten positive responses from friends. As far as I know none have caused anyone to hurl, have a seizure, experience hair loss, or be expelled from their social clubs. Mind that these are the ones I thought were better than the rest, there's some even more awful stuff laying around, too.

The usual disclaimers apply; read at your own risk, not responsible for items left lying about, don't try this at home, etc.

These poems are copyrighted 1980, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1997, 1998, 1999, etc., by Eric Jacobsen. No unauthorized use or reproduction without my permission. Thanx.

(Sorry, but ya gotta do that...) And now, in alphabetical order (drumroll, please)...

This page last updated 7/2/18, although all I changed was this date.

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