This is a unique opportunity to purchase an enthusiast's one-owner SHO!

Eric's 1995 MTX SHO

For Sale!

After almost twelve years together it is time to sell my 1995 MTX Taurus SHO. I've been through two wives, two cats, and two houses with this car and while it is hard for me to let it go it is time to pass it on for someone else to enjoy. This car was my daily driver for many, many years, even after I started using it as a track car at NASA events. This car ran the PIR, AMP and Firebird road courses many times without trouble or complaint. It returned to street-only duty when I developed another car for track-only use. Since I've acquired another daily driver this car has not gotten much use and it needs a new home. I'm asking $4750 which is as close as I can determine to be a fair price given the condition and modifications based on various expert opinion and other sales of similar SHOs.

The car is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and can be seen by appointment. I can be reached at

Features and aftermarket improvements on the car:

Modifications: Known issues:

If it weren't for the acid spill this car would be in nearly new condition. It's been an Arizona car its entire life. Mobil 1 ATF in tranny, oil has been changed regularly since new, typically with Valvoline oil. Fuel filter is about two years old. Runs great, pulls hard. This is not a new car, but the condition is quite good (except for the frackin' acid damage). Everything works.

Here are some photos of the car.

This is the car when I purchased it new in 1995.

Here's a shot of the car being shown at the Pavillions car show next to Todd Cook's winning SHO-powered hillclimb car.

The car as it is now. The wheel center caps are still in fine shape and will go with the car, I just like the look without them.

This is another recent shot. The number in the rear window is left over from track days. It is vinyl and easily removed, but I've left it on in case the purchaser wishes to track the car.

This is another recent shot from the right front.

This is a recent shot from the left rear.

This is a recent shot from the right rear.

This is a recent shot from the right front showing the cosmetic damage from the acid spill.

The interior is in excellent condition.

Another shot of the front interior.

Other than some minor vacuuming, the interior isn't wanting for anything.

The rear interior.

A Schroth 4-pt harness is installed. If it is not wanted by the purchaser I can remove it.

The harness buckles together when in use.

When not in use the harness unbuckles and folds out of the way.

This is the front suspension as it is now. The Intrax springs and Tokico struts only have about a thousand miles on them. The bracket and 12" rotors are from Bondurant on 1994 knuckles. The PBR calipers and braided stainless lines are from a Baer kit. The brake ducts are still installed but can be easily removed and replaced with the original fog lamps (which I have). I will reinstall the fog lamps if desired by the purchaser. The subframe is powdercoated Ford blue.

The engine compartment is complete and generally in good condition. There is cosmetic damage on the left side of the image due to the acid spill. The Optima battery is not included; the car will be sold with a Sears Die-Hard Gold battery.