The EF Data Hall of Fame

There's a story here, too. For a long time we suspected that Frank's (VP, Engr.) and Rick's (VP and Chief Engr.) mothers called each other in the morning before dressing the boys, as they'd show up wearing the same outfits. Eventually we caught on that a blue shirt and tan cotton pants seemed to be the fashion rage, so we conspired again (actually, this was largely Val's fault). The day we all showed up "in uniform" we actually caught Rick out of uniform, but put him in the picture anyway. We did manage to catch Frank as well as Don (Pres.) in uniform without giving any prior notice.

The culprits are, left to right:

Cris Mamaril, Mike Sturgill, Kevin Peirce, Tony Fornabaio, Frank Carleton, Randy Thiede, Don Anderson, Rob Weinstein, Rick Cannon, Raul Cavazos, John Leung, Val Rhodes, Chad Nelson, Eric Jacobsen (me)

Thanks, Rob, for the pictures.

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